Why am I still on WordPress.com?

I don’t know if you take this blog less seriously because it’s hosted on WordPress.com.  I probably would.  Which makes me very happy to see the site doing as well as it is.

The site is still on WordPress.com for financial reasons – simple as that.  I’m unemployed at the moment and there’s no reason for me to spend for hosting on the site (plus bandwidth plus whatever else) for the next few months when I can simply do in the future and achieve the same results.  The site isn’t time sensitive, if you will.

In the meantime, it lets me experiment with the site – try different writing styles, different themes, series, writers, genres of music, etc…. and see what’s most successful.  Better I make an ass in front of 50 people than 5000.

But when the time comes, this will be a full website, best believe that.  I spend (too much) time looking at plugins and features and design and such that can let this be all it can be…when the time comes.

Just wanted to let y’all know that this won’t be whiiite.wordpress.com forever.

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