How do I find music to post?

This may seem like a fairly incongruous question considering that I want to create a top-shelf music blog, but after doing several dozen music posts, finding new music to post up isn’t as easy as it initially seems.  I want to do fun, creative posts and try to post up different types of music, but at the same time I want to create a niche and not stray from it.  If people came here to get new Afrojack songs, wouldn’t ten straight posts of avant-garde jazz turn them off?

Anyways, hope y’all are enjoying the blog.  We’re in the process of getting a few new writers, so hopefully we can keep giving you quality music written by passionate writers with distinct voices.  Trying to dabble in different types of music but stay true to the genres we’re most well-versed in and blooming as a daily source of music for college students and people with similar musical affinities.

Here are some of the places I find music to post:

1)  Hype Machine – The famous aggregate of music blogs.  I feel a little cheap sometimes using it to find music to post here because it makes my content somewhat unoriginal, but at the same time I think it’s important to keep up with what people are listening to.  I check their Top 20 songs every few days and sometimes creep on what my friends are listening to.  I don’t “love” songs as much as I used to, but I add songs from time to time.  My username is extrasillytimes – follow me!

2)  Blogs – Some of my favorites that I’ve mentioned before on the site:

2DopeBoyz / Nahright – The ultimate directories for new hip-hop music.  I used to go on these all the time, but I only check them out sporadically now.  Shoutout to Nah Right founder and Yonkers brethren Eskay.

Salacious Sound – Electronic/dance music.  They have awesome “best of the month” entries on the 1st of every month that have 20 or so songs worth checking out.

Dancing Astronaut – Like a 2DopeBoyz of house music, the directory I go to for house/trance/whatever dance music.

White Folks Get Crunk – A great site for DJs – they have the best remixes/mashups/etc….

This Song is Sick – I’ve made fun of them before, but despite the hilariously-written writeups, they consistently post good party music (hip-hop, dubstep, electro-house, mashups, etc…).  Even though dividing music up into “bangin” and “chill” seems dumb at the surface, it’s a brilliantly intuitive and simple way to categorize the music.  I could hate all day, but he has 100x the readership I do so who’s laughing?

Blah Blah Science / The Chuckness – Two websites similar to mine in that they both post music from various genres.

3)  Okayplayer Boards – The message boards for The Roots’ Okayplayer site are the funniest and most informative on the internet for music, movies and sports.  Musically, the boards are slanted most towards hip-hop and R&B, but you can get several good opinions about virtually any genre of music on there, as well as links to insightful articles and generally original (and outlandish) statements and ideas concerning music.

4)  Pitchfork Media – Love ’em or hate ’em, they have the best mass music magazine today, with five new album reviews every weekday, featured songs on their playlist, and daily news updates.  Their best-of-decades articles are great ways to get into older music you can’t hear on the radio.

5)  Itunes – I know it’s a rat race to post the newest, hottest songs every day, but there’s always so much music that we already have that goes ignored.  I’m going to keep trying to make an effort to post quality throwback music.

6)  Youtube – Such an underrated way to find music.  If there’s an artist you’ve heard about, just search their name on Youtube and you’ll probably find a song of theirs with a million hits, along with everything else they’ve ever released.  A great way to see what’s popular outside the blog community as well as find similar artists.

7)  Pandora / Internet Radio / Radio / Podcasts – I don’t really listen to any of these, but I might start if I get desperate for new music to post or just want something to completely hit me out of left field.  I usually like being able to control the music I’m listening to – I suppose I’m old-fashioned in that sense.  Still, I bet there are a ton of dope podcasts out there I’m willfully ignoring.  Until then, stay tuned for the official That Whiiite podcast coming soon!

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